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Friday, August 18, 2017

An Encore post from 2012

Thank you for all the comments on my last post which described this year's misadventures with the wildlife in my yard, specifically the bush/brush or scrub turkey. In 2012, we had a male turkey who had decided that the larger raised garden bed would be just a perfect place for him to build his nesting mound. When I suggested to DH that maybe we should move the bed to the front yard, he thought that that sounded like a lot of he rang a company that is licenced to relocate wildlife...for a price! (It was $180 in 2012 but I suspect it might be more now)
Here is the post that I wrote 5 years ago!

Let's talk turkey...a bit of a drama in the vegie patch...

Bush or scrub turkey to be exact... Recently I wrote about having to put some trellis plastic around a garden bed to stop the bush turkey digging out the plants. Well, at that stage he was leaving the raised beds alone, but all of that changed in the last week or so. Each morning I would find at least one plant uprooted in the larger raised bed, and soil heaped up in mounds.

Then. on Tuesday morning of this week, this is the scene that greeted me when I went to water the vegetables. What a mess! This had been a garden bed with zucchini plants, thriving silverbeet plants and tomato plants. The turkey had 'raked' up leaf litter that was under the trees and shrubs on our back boundary and heaped it up in the raised bed. I tend to leave the litter under those trees as it forms a mulch for the trees but also provides cover for the lizards that live in our yard. 

The leaves were also mounded up at the end of the the photo below you can see the tradescantia plants that have been uprooted. These also grow under the trees at the back. DH and I picked up all the leaves mounded up outside the bed but it was a losing battle...when we weren't in the yard the turkey resumed mounding up leaves. He even started raking up leaves from my neighbour's macadamia tree  as well as scratching out any fallen leaves in amongst my bromeliad  bed under the jacaranda tree. DH and I decided that next morning we would buy some chicken wire to protect the garden bed.

pots, plants, twigs, fallen branches...all got raked towards the vegie garden bed
In the morning though, DH announced that he was going to contact 'Peter the Possum Man' a company that has permits to trap turkeys and relocate them to bushland. It was expensive but DH had decided that it was the way to go... So a young man came with a cage...which he placed on the 'mound' built by the turkey

He showed us how to 'set' it and explained how the trap was to be used. It had to be monitored at all times...if we went out we had to shut it. Now I wondered HOW the turkey could be enticed into the cage...what 'bait' for example??? But it was simple and ingenious how it all worked. The young man showed us how to slide a mirror in the back end of the cage...

Lol! Look there's another Maria !
The turkey sees another turkey and goes to investigate...and as he steps towards the mirror, the door slams behind him. We were shown how to take the mirror out when the turkey is trapped and turn it to the blank side and slide it back in. Then to help the bird calm down the young man left a knotted sheet to cover the cage. The young man then headed off to his next job and we went inside so the turkey would come back to his frantic raking. Within 10-12 minutes he was caught. Unbelievable!

We rang to say that the turkey was in the cage and eventually he was collected. His new home is bushland out Ipswich way...he should find plenty of leaves to scratch up there. I've lived with bush turkeys all my life but one had never chosen my yard for his mound before. It's said that that once they do that, you can never get rid of them or their mound. (The males build the mounds for the lady turkey to lay her eggs in. The heat of the mound incubates the eggs for eventual hatching, so we could have ended up with dozens of them next year !!!) 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

They're Back!!!

Over the years of writing this blog, I've written a few posts about my battles with the bush turkeys. They love my garden; especially my veggie garden beds...many readers from around the world have commented on previous posts about the turkeys, telling me of their battles with wildlife...deer, rabbits, birds, kangaroos etc
this was last year...

Last year and the year before that, I didn't have many issues with the turkeys....lulled into a sense of false security eh? My 'fake turkey' made by a friend has been pretty good at discouraging the male birds but maybe the turkeys are getting smarter?

The use of wire and plastic netting and wooden stakes is an integral part of gardening; this is the veggie bed adjacent to the raised 'sweet potato' bed...

Last month I was so proud of my 'sweet potato' garden bed. The plants had grown thickly and completely filled the raised bed that I use for growing them. I was looking forward to digging up a bumper crop in October. A male turkey had dug up some veggies in my larger veggie patch but the smaller sweet potato bed had been left untouched. I had put plastic mesh over that bed though, just in case.
Then one morning I came out to the garden and found this...

Silly me thinking that the plastic mesh would keep the turkeys out of the bed. It was just flung aside!
I replanted any plants that had been left and we got out the wire mesh. I put one layer over and then decided to put another layer over; all weighted down with pavers.

While we were away in Sydney, the plants didn't do very well but since we've been home, with some TLC the plants are gradually 'coming back'.
Knowing that a lot of friends who live nearby have their own battles with the turkeys, I posted photos on Facebook. One friend wrote this comment...I realise that I really shouldn't whinge/complain about the turkeys in my yard, after reading this! But maybe just a bit of a grizzle now and then! Lol

But I haven't lost my sense of humour! 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Quirky with a capital Q!!!

Over the years, I've noticed on gardening shows and in magazines, articles on repurposing everyday items as planters. These days, Pinterest has lots of recycling items and planting them up with this little selection.

Here are some of my very modest efforts at using everyday items as planters...
Unused latte mugs...

Op shop and garage sale buys turned into planters...

And hidden by all that undergrowth is a set of old concrete wash tubs that I planted with bromeliads...

But in April when we went on a day trip to Litchfield National Park, I saw some recycling on a grand scale; which was delightful and quirky. The bus made a stop   at the Bunyan Caravan Park Kiosk on the journey to the park. It was rather rustic 😉

This is a banyan tree after which the caravan park is named...

Many of the passengers ordered food for breakfast, but I wandered the grounds. Beside the path that led to the restroom block were these...

A closer look at Miss Snow White and her little friends...

But out the front was this!!

Yep! An old car planted with a variety of colored foliage plants...

And reclining  in a deckchair...

Lots of fun! 

Friday, August 11, 2017

The Wedding

On July 15 family and friends gathered at the RACV Noosa Resort for the wedding of DsD1 and Dan. Most of us stayed at the resort and as luck would have it, the unit that DH and I shared with DD2, her partner and baby Holly, was just beside the grassed area where the ceremony would take place.

It was very comfortable accommodation with plenty of room...

I won't waffle on, I'll get straight on with sharing photos...😉
The wedding was at 2.30 but DH had to head over to the bride's unit at 12 for, mum and 2 sisters.

The beautiful bride with her attendants...

Her proud parents walking her to the ceremony...

My girls and I...

Holly also had a special outfit...

Anthea was wearing a headband which I admired, but I think she rather coveted my fascinator, a bit of fun that I had bought at the urging of some friends...

At the reception, even Holly had a place thoughtful was Aunty Meg! Don't know whether Holly will remember much about the wedding though!

DsD2 made the cake...she did a great job.

The next photo was taken while the function room was being set up. The centerpiece of each table featured a pile of books ( representing the bride's love of reading) and the replica kerosene lantern represented the groom's rural background.

During the 2 and 1/2 days we were at the resort, there was no shortage of people who wanted to nurse the baby!

And Anthea had a great time too!

On the Saturday morning, ( and again on Sunday morning) we were visited by 2 ducks, obviously a couple...I may have given them some bread 😉

A lot of planning by DsD1 went into this wedding and she can be justly proud of how well everything went; result? a wonderful weekend with lots of memories for all.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Wool on Sundays

Joining in with Wool on Sunday on Janine's Rainbow Hare blog. Janine wrote a lovely post about a family treasure; a vintage china doll called Iris. Janine waited a long time for the doll to be passed down to her and has made some lovely knitted dolls' clothes for Iris. Read about Iris here...
So what yarn related things have I been up to recently? In the last month I have finished one knitting project and started another.

DD2 had seen a 'rainbow' baby blanket in ripple stitch for sale online and fell in love with the colours. I offered to make something similar, but knitted rather than crocheted.
I went online looking for yarn in all those bright colours and decided on Heirloom Colourworks 8 ply wool. I hadn't used this yarn before and what a lovely surprise it was...the softness of the yarn was amazing! It knitted up quickly and by mid July, little Holly had a new blankie.
On the 'handover day', I took some photos...

But after I got home that day, DD2 had been busy taking photos and sent me these...the photos really show all those bright colours that the young mums love so much these days...

After that project was completed I started on yet another ripple stitch/chevron throw. Last year when my  hairdresser  got married I had given her an IOU for a knitted throw as a wedding present. It took ages to get her to suggest colours etc but finally at my June appointment, she said she liked the combination of pinks with blacks.

So it's about a third done; it's been fun gathering up all the pinks in my stash and buying a few new ones.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Wool on Sunday; July

Once again I'm joining in with Janine over at the Rainbow Hare blog for Wool on Sunday.
Just over 3 weeks ago I was asked if I could donate a knitted throw to be used as a raffle prize at the Quilt and Craft Show that has been organised by our parish for next week, July 14-15. It had worked out perfectly, as I had felt a little guilty that I couldn't help at the show as it clashes with DsD1's wedding. ( the family will all gather at Noosa on the 14th, ready for the nuptials on the Saturday 😊)  So being asked for a raffle prize meant that a I can still help.
But it wasn't a lot of time to actually make a throw, but again, as luck would have it, I had that WIP throw that I had started in Adelaide.

I had also knitted on the train and in the evenings in Darwin, so even though that project had been put aside when we came home, the piece did measure about 40 cm.
So...I resumed knitting this throw, and by last Monday, it was finished...phew! I didn't particularly like this project at the beginning as I chose the colours hurriedly when I was packing at the last minute to head to Adelaide. But I'm happy to say that I changed my mind, the longer the piece grew. 😊

And DH suggested he hold up the throw while I took another photo. He is just over 180cm tall so it gives an idea of the size. The pattern is a slipstitch design that I use quite often and the yarns are mohair.

Check out Janine's Wool on Sunday post Here

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Missing from Blogland...

That's me! I've written hardly any blog posts for a while. And that's mostly because of this little person...

Little Holly arrived after a month's drama on May 13; the day before Mothers Day. It was April 13 when the drama started. DH and I had arrived in Adelaide and a text from DD2 arrived saying that her latest scan was cause for concern...the baby was very small for 34 weeks and had a very small head. 🙁. I wanted to come straight home but was convinced by the family that there was nothing I could do, so we continued on with our 10 day holiday.
 And so began a month of weekly scans and doctor appointments, and the news didn't seem to get any better. A special fetal scan at 37 weeks even hinted at chromosomal abnormalities.
At 37 weeks and a few days, DD2 was admitted to hospital to be induced. The first attempt failed and a second attempt resulted finally on Day 4, with our new little granddaughter, Holly Mae being born. DD2 and bub were discharged from hospital the next day, which 'said to us' that the baby was perfectly healthy and with a very normal sized head! Holly weighed 2.842kg (6.3 lbs) which is small but not impossibly so.

Most days since the birth, I have visited my daughter to help with her adjustment from career woman to new mum...bringing cooked meals as well as sitting with Holly and bringing up her wind or rocking her to sleep, while DD2 snatched some sleep herself.

I've also been there to help on the first few outings with Holly. What a pair of cuties! This photo was taken just before Holly and DD2 went out to meet a new friend who shared a hospital room with Jen and whose baby was born the same day as Holly.

And last Thursday, the Health Visitor came to check Holly's progress. And the little one got a clean bill of health and now weighs 3.6 kg.
 Anthea met her cousin at a family dinner to celebrate DH's birthday at the end of May...

What a privilege it is to spend time with our granddaughters.