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Wednesday, March 15, 2017


DH and I breakfasted on pancakes on Shrove Tuesday...yes, I remembered! Lol

And of course Lent started the next day. A friend wrote on Facebook, asking what she should ' give up for Lent'? I suggested she give up worrying...😉
Then I saw this meme! 

Regular readers would know my fondness for I'm doing my own version of this. I may not get to 40 bags but any bag that gets filled and leaves our home, is a bonus. Tally so far is 11. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Wool on Sunday...

For a number of years I've been 'pinning things' on my Pinterest boards. probably about 3 years ago I pinned a pattern from the Deramores website with the idea that I could purchase the pattern if and when I needed it. It was the sweetest baby blanket.
Then last year with the arrival of little Anthea, I thought that it was time to purchase the pattern.

I went to the website and found that the pattern was out of stock. So I wrote to Deramores asking when it would be available. The answer came back that I should check the website in a week's time and if the pattern was still out of stock that would mean that they would no longer be stocking it. I found after the week was up that it was still out of stock. I thought that I could probably make the blankie from the picture but decided to use another pattern to make Anthea's blanket. ( which her mum loved!)

When someone pins something from one of my Pinterest boards, of course I get an email. I usually don't bother to check out what they have pinned but the other day I did. And it was the Deramores' baby blanket. I thought how disappointed people must be if they follow the link and find the pattern isn't available...and then I followed the link. And what a surprise...'out of stock' was NOT written anywhere on the pattern listing.
So I bought a's not digital and is being posted from the UK.
So here is this pattern that I fell in love with 3 or so years ago.

In other yarn related 'stuff', I have 2 WiPs at the moment...both gifts, and occasionally I have been joining donated squares into blankets for K4BN.

Linking up this post with Rainbow Hare's Wool on Sunday. Janine has finished some beautiful projects in this last month!


Sunday, March 5, 2017

February's Morning Tea...

I've written a few posts about our parish morning teas. It's a great way for people to gather, catch up over  a cuppa and have lots of laughs usually too. Many organisations have capitalised on people's love of morning teas and use the idea for fundraising.  We all know of the Biggest Morning tea concept which raises much needed funds for cancer; and who could forget all those 'pink foods'!

Anglicare, which is the welfare arm of the Anglican Church encourages parishes to host what is called a Heart Morning Tea to help raise funds for the services that they provide. So our February morning tea became a bit special. What a great excuse to load up a table with goodies, fill the teapots and put out the china plates! 

And what a great excuse to invite some extra guests to help with the fundraising. So the Red Hat ladies from the nearby group joined us!

My friend Patricia worked away in the kitchen...

Our lovely priest Father Bruce also helped out on the tea/coffee counter...

Two Anglicare staff joined us and Jan gave a talk on  Anglicare services...ahem...she focussed on Aged Care...but I'm sure they didn't mean me! lol

Caroline was the other staff member, representing the nursing staff. Originally the nursing service was called St Luke's but is now under the Anglicare banner. St Luke's staff cared for my mum all those years ago.

We had a lovely morning and those Red Hat ladies are real characters I can tell you! We've told them they are welcome back any time!! And we raised $200 for Anglicare.
 ( Aussie readers...Jan recommended that all Aussies of a certain age (60 ish?) register with the government website My Aged Care, so that if circumstances change suddenly and you need services, you are already in the system. ( at a stressful time this could be a godsend and save time accessing services) After DH's medical dramas of late, we will register. You can register before 65 but eligibility for services is from 65. )